Noor Hamdan

Executive Admin

Languages: Arabic – English

Noor brings valuable experience of over 15 years in the legal sector to our team. She provides administration and clerical support to our corporate advisory team. She is responsible for case management to ensure efficiency in the department. In addition, Noor supervises the entire executive administration and client support teams in the firm.

Her educational background is in commercial and administrative sciences.

With over 15 years of experience in the legal realm, Noor is a seasoned professional contributing her expertise to our team. Her role involves providing crucial administrative and clerical support to our corporate advisory team while efficiently managing cases for optimal departmental performance. Not only does she oversee executive administration, but she also leads the client support teams within the firm. Noor’s educational background centers on commercial and administrative sciences, providing her with a solid foundation for her multifaceted role in our organization.

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