Maha Al-Duaij

Senior Associate

Languages: Arabic

Maha Al-Duaij brings her wealth of experience to the Litigation Team at Al-Yaqout and Al-Fouzan Legal Group, having previously served as Deputy Director General of the Support Services Sector at the Central Agency for Information Technology, where she held the distinguished rank of “Assistant Undersecretary.”

Throughout her career, Maha has been deeply involved in monitoring administrative processes, ensuring adherence to legal frameworks, and providing crucial support to government agencies in aligning their decisions with applicable laws and regulations. She plays a pivotal role within the Group, contributing to Legal Operations and driving Performance Development initiatives forward.

Maha earned her bachelor’s degree in law from Kuwait University in 1992, laying the foundation for her impressive career trajectory. Prior to her role at the Central Agency for Information Technology, she held positions such as Legal Researcher and Head of the Department of the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers at the Ministry of Justice.

Her commitment to professional development and collaboration is evident through her participation in various committees, including the Committee of the First Kuwait Conference on Legal and Judicial Informatics and the Committee of the Seventeenth Conference of Ministers of Justice of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Additionally, Maha has led several important initiatives, including overseeing the connection of fingerprint devices with integrated systems and spearheading efforts to elevate job levels for employees meeting specific criteria.

With her extensive background and leadership roles, Maha continues to make significant contributions to the legal landscape, demonstrating her dedication to integrity, anti-corruption measures, and efficient administrative practices.

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