Khalifah Al Yaqout

Managing Partner
[email protected]

Languages: Arabic – English

Khalifah is a distinguished legal professional renowned for his multifaceted expertise and leadership as the managing partner at Al-Yaqout and Al-Fouzan Legal Group. With a robust background in litigation and a recognized right of audience before the Court of Cassation, Khalifah is celebrated for his adeptness in handling intricate legal matters across various domains. His extensive experience encompasses a spectrum of legal facets, including commercial, civil, and administrative cases.

A notable facet of Khalifah’s career is his role as an arbitrator within the Kuwaiti International Chamber of Arbitration, demonstrating his proficiency in alternate dispute resolution. Additionally, his advisory positions with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Electricity and Water, and Ministry of Commerce and Industry have significantly augmented his expertise in administrative law.

Recognized as a recommended lawyer by Legal500 in Kuwait, Khalifah has earned a stellar reputation for his exceptional trial advocacy skills. His track record speaks volumes about his ability to handle high-profile investigations and prosecutions with finesse, achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

Specializing in commercial litigation, arbitration in Kuwait and other jurisdictions, and adeptly navigating out-of-court settlements, Khalifah continues to be a guiding force in the legal landscape, providing unparalleled counsel and advocacy to his clients. His dedication, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, solidifies his standing as a prominent legal figure in Kuwait’s legal arena.

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