Jarrah Al Fouzan

Senior Partner

[email protected]

Languages: Arabic – English

Jarrah, a distinguished legal professional, serves as a partner at Al-Yaqout and Al-Fouzan Legal Group, where his role encompasses a diverse range of specialized legal domains.

His primary focus areas revolve around investment law, real estate law, governmental procedures, and Islamic finance. Jarrah’s comprehensive understanding and adeptness in these sectors underline his invaluable contribution to the firm’s expertise and service offerings.

One of Jarrah’s standout proficiencies lies in his deep knowledge of investment law, particularly in handling matters related to foreign investments. His expertise in navigating the complexities of foreign investment regulations adds substantial value to the firm’s capabilities, allowing the team to provide comprehensive and strategic counsel to clients engaged in cross-border transactions.

Jarrah’s role as a partner reflects his commitment to delivering exceptional legal services while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. His proactive approach and dedication to staying abreast of legal developments in his focus areas make him an invaluable asset to Al-Yaqout and Al-Fouzan Legal Group and a trusted advisor to clients seeking expert counsel in investment, real estate, governmental procedures, and Islamic finance matters.

Jarrah is currently an elected member of the Kuwaiti Parliament.

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