Mr. Hamed Mohammad Abdullah Al-Yaqout

Hamed M. Al-Yaqout was widely acclaimed legal luminary, not just in Kuwait but throughout the GCC and other neighboring countries.

being a high-profiled attorney and consultant having rich and extensive knowledge an various branches of corporate laws, commercial laws, laws of Islamic financing and investments in Shari’a laws Mr.Hamed Al-Yaqout has made anindelible and impeccable reputation among the entire legal-corporate and Islamic investment fraternity in the region. Mr.Hamed is ever the inspiring light of Al-Yaqout Legal Group.

Progressional Expertise in Concise

  • Founder of Al-Yaqout Legal Group in 2003.
  • Legal Advisor and Legal Head ofthe International Investor Company with multifarious legal, audit and budgetary responsibilities.
  • Chairman of the Commiittee for Laegal Advices (Fatwa) of the Fatwa and LegislationnDepartment, Governate of Kuwait.
  • The Head of the Legal Department – Kuwait Financial House.
  • Legal Advisor of the High Consultancy Commiittee for completion and Implimentation of the provisions of Islamic Shari’a.
  • Visiting Professor of the Commercail Studies College in the subject of Commercial Laws.
  •  Faculty Lecturer of Training courses on the central Tenders and Administrative Contracts for the employees of Kuwait Ministry of Finance.
  • Member of the Committee for Studying the  Implementation of the Regulation of Fatwa and Legislation Department.
  • Editor in-chief of the Fatwa and Legislation magazine.
  • General Secretary of the Training Program Committee of the new Memebers in at the Department of Fatwa and Legislation, Governate of Kuwait.
  • President of the Review Committee for the literature of the Kuwaiti Legislation Group.
  • Authorized Arbotrator at the Gulf Commercial Arbitration Center.